QR Codes in Books – How Do They Work?

QR codes often get a bad rap these days. The ugly little boxes appear everywhere and to many, they seem to be a waste of time and space. But the reality of QR codes is like any tool – the value is determined by how it’s used. When used effectively, QR codes bridge online and offline worlds by making it easier to use a mobile phone to visit a webpage, for example. This three-minute video explains QR codes:

QR Codes in Books – Why?

Lee Lefever’s recently hit the shelves book The Art of Explanation . It is based on hit work at Common Craft and throughout it he references specific Common Craft videos as examples. The question became: how do we make it easy to watch the video instead of just reading about it in the paperback version? Our answer: QR Codes. By including QR codes along with references to videos, they could give readers an option to point their mobile phone at a printed page and watch a video on the Common Craft website within seconds.