4 Reasons to Customize your LinkedIn URL

  1. Reinforces a consistent personal brand
  2. Provides an easy to remember and share URL
  3. Increases overall visibility
  4. Improves tech savvy image

Building a durable brand online requires both frequency and consistency and a customized LinkedIn URL is one of the building blocks.

When anyone creates a LinkedIn profile they are assigned default URL. The default URL contains random impersonal letters and numbers. Securing a customized URL is a free feature provided by LinkedIn and the upgrade only takes a few moments to accomplish.

Here are the steps to customize your LinkedIn URL:

1) Log in your LinkedIn profile.
2) Edit your Public Profile (follow this link to the correct page)
3) Edit your Public Profile URL (it’s located in the top right corner of the page)

For the most professional URL, try: http://linkedin.com/in/firstnamelastname. If that isn’t available, add your middle initial or industry.

Here’s a more detailed instructional link: https://help.linkedin.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/87/~/customizing-your-public-profile-url