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Rediscovering the “WHY” behind Corban University

The cherry trees are in bloom along the driveway that winds up the campus hill. Just past historic Shimmel Hall, a clock tower stands like a beacon, guiding groups of students to the Psalm Performing Arts Center for chapel. They amble down the hill from science labs, classrooms, and dorms, carefree despite the backpacks draped over their shoulders filled with microbiology textbooks, study Bibles, and laptops.

4 Basic Elements of a Positioning Statement

All marketing strategies and tactics need a well-constructed positioning statement to help maintain focus. The positioning statement is for internal use and should not show up in marketing copy. Every brand decision should be judged by how well it supports the positioning statement. These decisions include: brand name, the product or service itself, packaging, advertising, promotions, etc. It’s one of the primary tools for agencies to manage clients and clients to manage agencies.

What if we rename SWOT to TOWS?

SWOT is arguably the most useful (and certainly the most misunderstood) framework for conducting strategic analysis. The reason has to do with how the tool was developed and, critically, how it was named. SWOT—an acronym for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats—was originally developed by a team at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in the late 1960s.1 The group came up with the idea of simultaneously analyzing internal capabilities (strengths and weaknesses) and developments in the external environment (threats and opportunities) to identify strategic priorities and develop plans to address them.

5 Simple Tips for the Perfect Blog Interview

Interviewing others for blog posts is a fantastic way to leverage current business relationships, start new relationships and drive new traffic to your blog, but the best part is you get to exchange ideas with absolutely brilliant people. It also gives the blog a more conversational flavor and helps broaden the scope of the content.

5 Ways Authors Can Use Pinterest as a Marketing Tool

We’ve been talking about Pinterest as a marketing tool for authors (here and here ) and today I want to get your creative juices flowing by telling you about some innovative approaches to Pinterest marketing. There are many more, so please share your ideas in the comments and we can turn this post into a great Pinterest resource for writers. Here are my favorite ideas:

4 Tips to Keep Your Email List Squeaky Clean

by Pamela Vaughan This is a guest post written by Heather Bonura. Heather is the director of brand strategy for Lititz, PA-based email marketing firm, Listrak. We all know that email marketing is continually evolving. Subscribers are savvier, and therefore, we need to get more