Getting Things Done, David Allen (2001)

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By (author): David Allen

Getting Things Done : The Art of Stress-Free Productivity by David Allen. Penguin Books, Inc.,2001
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When I started managing at age 22, I had a department of about 30 employees, I had great ideas and was very committed to implement everyone of them. About 10% of my great ideas turned out to be worth perusing. But behind all of the ideas, there was a jumble. I struggled to keep up with all of the paperwork, performance reviews, budgeting, communication and everything else. As my career has progressed, those bureaucratic paperwork responsibilities only increased.
In 2006, I read David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I wish I had read it 25 years before.
It’s not a Stephen Covey-esque book that helps with prioritizing, nor is it a leadership guide. It is a down-to-basics-where-to-put-all-of-that-paperwork guide. And it’s great. You have to buy in. Those of you with adequate systems may think it unnecessary. I love it. I have the audible version in my car and I listen to it at least once a year. I have given the book away to anyone who struggles with paperwork.
Sit down in your office on a weekend, with hundreds of blank file folders, a large trash can, your calendar and a label maker (absolutely essential) and you are set. Plan on 4-6 hours of time set aside. Then, plan on doing the same thing at home. I’m telling you, it will change your life.